About us

Hello and welcome to our online store! 

Our family adventure began in 2012 when we moved to Sri Lanka and started to practice permaculture on a 1ha former cinnamon plantation. In the meantime we have planted 600 Ayurvedic trees, various fruit-, spice- and wood trees and created a small vegetable garden.

On our farm, besides many spices, pineapples, papayas, bananas and mangos grow. 

In our online store you can fill up almost your entire spice budget with high quality spices. Pepper and cinnamon are among our most popular spices.

Since we personally take care of the cultivation, care and harvest of our spices, we can guarantee that the plantation is kept as sustainable as possible. This is also supported by the creation of a permaculture model garden.

In the cultivation of our spices, artificial fertilizers and sulfur as a preservative are completely avoided. All spices are harvested in the traditional way and air-dried. Our plantation is always open for interested visitors. In our blog you can learn more about the cultivation and origin of our spices.

While many of the spices in our range are home-grown, we have also made it our mission to support local organic growers and private home garden growers who struggle to find an appropriate market for their high quality spices. This way we can offer you a wider range of spices and at the same time support permaculture and organic farming in Sri Lanka.

Besides working on our farm, we accommodate guests in our vacation apartments both here in Sri Lanke and in Germany. More information about our vacation accommodations can be found here.

We are happy that you have discovered our store and are always available for questions and suggestions!

All the best,

Claire, Carlotta, Paulina & the whole AMUURA-Team

How our cinnamon is harvested