The Price Of Sri-Lankan Ground Spices; Why are they so expensive?

The Price Of Sri-Lankan Ground Spices; Why are they so expensive?

Some ground spices are cheap, and very often, they are even cheaper than whole spices, but how can that be? Isn't it more laborious to grind them?

We dug into that question and saw the difference between our spices and others. It is not due to the competition in the spice industry that other Sri Lankan spices online are cheaper than our brand, but quality.

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Why are some ground spices more expensive the others?

Yes, why are our ground spices so expensive? That is a very good question one of our customers asked recently. 

Very simple answer: We do not use waste spices for the grinding but for the best quality. So it should be even more expensive because we must pay the mill.

Next question: What exactly is the "waste" the other companies might use for the grounded products? 

Well, it is the damaged product, or in the case of the cinnamon, it is the outer bark that we peel off completely because it contains more coumarin and has a bitter taste. 

There is even a study examining organic Ceylon powder cinnamon and products containing more coumarin than cassia cinnamon! They had just used the outer bark for the powder! 

Furthermore, the police in Srilanka even released an information sheet to encourage the Srilankan customer not to buy ground spices. For example, they found ground red brick dust in chilly powder or ash in pepper powder. 

Our Chilly powder is not only the best in quality, but it is also vibrant in color and remains fresh for a long time because it's produced and packed most traditionally and sustainably. 

For the cinnamon, they used the outer bark and the very small pieces that fall to the ground. This is all mixed up with everything else on the ground. 

But we only use the perfect ready-laid, long sticks C5 quality for the grinding. 

So, there you have it, the very reason why, Amuuara-ground-spices are expensive.

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To conclude,

We encourage customers to buy whole spices and grind the spices themselves for better results and also assurance that you are only using fresh and clean spices in your food, like our top-selling Sri Lankan Curry powder.

And even the most expensive spices like Ceylon cinnamon or its ground spices that we sell are guaranteed to meet the standards of hygiene and quality for the price. You get both value and quality for the price you pay. 

If you have any questions, please ask; we are more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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